Shoot to save the world, just the way it should be


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Aeons is a first-person shooter with plenty of elements borrowed (or directly lifted) from mid-90s classics of the genre, like Doom, Hexen, and Heretic.

The game's plot is simple: an alien race is trying to conquer planet Earth, and it has a super-powerful weapon it will use to do so. Your objective is to find that weapon and destroy it at all cost.

You'll find plenty of different weapons to use along your short adventure, starting with a bayonet (for hand-to-hand combat) and a shotgun, and soon graduating to a rocket launcher, a nail gun, and a biological weapon.

Aeons is a simple, fun first-person shooter that is sure to bring back some good memories of the genre's older games. The game also includes four levels of difficulty, one of which is truly nightmarish.
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